In conclusion, for all the confidence that young people have with using CMCs, many important questions remain unresolved. Where is it inappropriate to use netspeak, and in what circumstances must one use standard language? Who defines the standards of each? Does CMC use affect literacy and language abilities over the course of many years?  The answers are constantly changing, as there is no way of predicting what combination of the new and old will prove to be most valuable to netspeakers and this uncertainty makes the field of internet linguistics both an important and exciting one to study. However, parents need to be aware of these uncertainties and should limit the time that their children spend using CMC platforms to whatever amount they feel most comfortable with. As previously stated, any potentially negative effects on young people’s linguistic and social abilities are most likely due to spending long hours using a single device and not to any inherent quality in the technologies themselves, but it cannot hurt to exercise restraint.

Hopefully after reading this you all have a better grasp on how the internet, language and power are all deeply intertwined and why this manifests itself most prominently in commercial and news media. It will become increasingly important to understand the connections between these forces and the different language styles being used, so that internet users of all groups can more competently locate, evaluate and synthesize the information that they find in the future, because in this digital age, language and the internet can open many doors.


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